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Green Sails is more than 50 years old. We make sails for One Design and Cruising boats up to 40 feet, and for the Europe and OK Dinghy.

About Green Europe sails:

Green Sails has been the main supplier of sails since the start of the class in 1972. Jørgen Holm has been involved in this production since 1975, and has been the man in charge since 1979.

Each sail is made for the specific mast and for the sailor exact weight.

Jørgen Holm selects special sailcloth for every sail, creating the best sail for the individual sailor.
He glues the sail together panel by panel, then draws the mastcurve on the sail and finally he glues on the luff.

Jørgen Holm has been an active Europe sailor since the start of the class. He received a silver medal in the Veteran Worlds in 1996.

Jørgen Holm is continuously testing the new masts and sails that come onto the market. He also tests sailcloth and reads mast diagrams, then he sails with the mast in order to test its flexibily. This is the procedure before starting to make the sail.

The cloth is exclusively made for Green Sails. Every roll of sailcloth is tested on our Sail Cloth Tester in the start, middle and at the end of the procedure to make sure it has the right specs. Cloth is cut out from the warp the weft and the bias, you can see that the bias are softer.
Our Sail Cloth Tester is made only for testing sailcloth ( without Computer from 1970-78 ) other testing systems are Industri systems !!!!!!

Jorgen Holm, Green Sails.

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